Firm Philosophy

Our firm philosophy is built upon three primary pillars: (i) the highest possible quality; (ii)excellent, responsive service; and (iii) reasonable cost. We take a holistic approach, seeking to maximize the quality of our work and overall long-term benefit to our clients, as opposed to focusing on one narrow criterion such as cost. We strongly believe in the adage "anything worth doing is worth doing properly."

We also believe that for a continuing relationship to exist between a client and counsel, there must be significant alignment or overlap between their respective philosophies. We cannot be all things to all clients, and we do not try. In certain cases where such alignment does not exist, we purposely decline representation, feeling that the client’s best interests will be served by another firm. We also do not subscribe to the "growth at any cost" ethic of many large firms, and consciously restrict the number and types of clients we represent so as to preserve our high standards of quality and service. We seek our client’s loyalty, and not simply more clients.

Over time, we have noted that intellectual property law firms as a whole suffer from one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Lack of service and ownership mentalities
  • Frequent changing of personnel providing service to a particular client
  • Lack of a unified intellectual property strategy for a given client
  • Lack of appreciation for litigation issues during patent/trademark prosecution
  • Lack of appropriate technical specialization and focus
  • Inefficiencies resulting in higher client fees

Accordingly, we use our observations as guide-posts for how we operate and deal with our clientele.